Two hours before Six Flags opened for business on Saturday, hundreds of Santa Clarita residents congregated beneath the roller coasters and waterslides to take part in the Greater Los Angeles Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes.

The 5k walk, spearheaded by the American Diabetes Association, spanned most of the Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor parks – all while raising money for diabetes research and awareness.

“It was crisp, cool, bright and early,” said Teresa Todd, public relations officer for the event. “But we had about 600 walkers and several hundred volunteers.”

One of these volunteers was Los Angeles Lakers’ guard Corey Brewer.

Brewer addressed the crowd, telling them the story of his parents’ struggles with the disease.

“He did the entire walk with a young boy who was eight or nine-years old who did have diabetes,” Todd said. “It was very inspirational.”

“He gave the event and the people all the time in the world.”


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