By Tamberlyn Richardson

Corey Brewer arrived in Houston and fit naturally into the team who went to the Western Conference Finals so his regression last season was worrisome. He regressed in every single category, so the question had to be asked whether Brewer himself had regressed, lack of team chemistry was an issue or did the style change so dramatically it didn’t fit his talents.

Looking at his best assets of speed and running the wings one would assume Mike D’Antoni’s system should translate well to that skill set.

In the 2015-2016 season Brewer played in all 82 games demonstrating his iron man capabilities.  Of all the stats that dropped for Brewer his shooting was the most concerning. Never known to be a strong perimeter shooter his 27.2% was close to his career average, however his field goal percent fell from 42.9% in 2015-16 to 38.4%.

The stats which stood out were his steals where he had at least 1 in 42 games and 3 or more in 11 games. He scored 10 or more points on 24 occasions and had 4 with 20 points or more.

His best performances can be narrowed down to 4 games

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