By Michael Fowler

Professional athletes often find themselves in a unique position to influence the world around them by how they act and what they represent. Their outreach is larger than almost any other individual, and by taking the time to be charitable, they can go a long way towards bettering all aspects of life for those who come into contact with them.

For some athletes this means taking the time to host clinics and camps to give back to their hometown communities. Others may donate both time and money to a charity that has had an impact on their lives. In the rarest of cases there are athletes who do both of those things, and are continually looking for ways to impact the lives of the people that need it most.

Corey Brewer is a great example of an athlete who is driving home a message of change, a beacon for those who need hope. His foundation, The Corey Brewer Foundation, has influenced the lives of many who battle diabetes, and continues to do so.

Corey took a few minutes to speak with Fox Sports Radio about his foundation, upbringing, and the current NBA landscape.

FSR: Corey, thank you for taking the time to speak today. First off, what can we expect next season out of the Houston Rockets? A few new faces, a new coach, what is Houston going to look like next season?

CB: I love what we have in Houston, and you can definitely expect a LOT of energy this year. Everyone is really excited to get started. We have a great new coach in Mike D’Antoni, and some great new talent in Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon who can really shoot the ball. James (Harden) has been working his butt off all offseason, too. It’s time we come back and play some real Houston Rockets basketball.

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