By Greg

The Houston Rockets continue to stand out in their ability to play very good basketball despite the absence of an All-Star caliber center. James Harden playing well is a given, but each time he gets big nights from the bench is a surprising bonus, although there’s nothing new about Corey Brewer putting up big numbers any more.

Harden scored 28 points and Brewer added 24 points, getting help from Trevor Ariza with 19 and Donatas Motiejunas with 18 as the Rockets cruised to a 114-100 win over the Denver Nuggets, a team simply waiting for the season to end so they can starting something new.

Brewer got past the 20-point mark for the sixth time since joining the Rockets from the Timberwolves via trade, which includes three games of that type of scoring in the previous month. Sure, it comes with some garbage time involved, but the Rockets, a team that’s about stretching the floor and following very clear path when it comes to the shots they’re taking, have assembled a very long list of players who give them rather unique depth at exactly what they’re trying to do.

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