By Fox Sports

The Houston Rockets are led by two players, James Harden and Dwight Howard, who have never won a championship. But that doesn’t mean the team lacks for championship experience.

Jason Terry, Trevor Ariza and Corey Brewer all have a ring. All have come up big in huge spots at various points in their careers. And all fill a major hole on these Rockets. Here’s more on their critical contributions from ESPN’s Calvin Watkins:

“Terry denied opposing point guard Chris Paul from the opening moments of the game, often forcing the Clippers to find someone else to bring up the ball. Terry was a plus-22 on Tuesday night and helped the Rockets’ offense run more efficiently by making himself available for open 3s as Harden handled the ball by pushing it up court. ‘We were in the attack mindset, and for us when we’re attacking downhill and getting into the paint, it opens up the outside shot for us,’ Terry said. ‘I thought we did a great job of making the extra pass. The percentages won’t show it but we love those open 3s.’”

When Ariza, Brewer and Terry are playing defense, knocking down open shots and taking advantage of a team that’s entirely focused on stopping Harden and Howard, the Rockets are nearly unstoppable.

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