By C.J.

I learned all kinds of amusing stuff about Brewer from his humorous fiancée, Monique Mongalo, last month when the newly transferred Houston Rocket couldn’t attend the Christmas activities they had planned at Oak Park Center for 200 children living in homelessness or other crises. He appeared via FaceTime to see kids and their family members pick out the toys and clothing items purchased at the Fridley Wal-Mart, which arranged delivery of the haul to the north Minneapolis community center.

Brewer missed my interview, too, but Mongalo stepped up to the foul line. She was a gamer.

Q: Brewer is going to a team that’s winning more than the Timberwolves, so this should improve his mood, as I assume that losing all the time wears on you.

A: Corey’s pretty good when he loses. He’ll stay mad for maybe 20 minutes. But once he’s out of the locker room and we actually leave [the arena], I think Sebastian, his son, really puts a smile on his face and he leaves it all behind. The only really stressful thing he’ll have to go through with this new team is learning everything new. It’s like a kid in a new school. You never know what to expect.

Q: You attend all the games?

A: Yes, I do.

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