By Jonathan Feigen

Though Rockets guard/forward Corey Brewer seemed to immediately adjust following his move to the Rockets, he said it is still a work in progress. Tuesday’s practice at the Cavaliers’ facility outside Cleveland offered a reminder that as well as he played, he is still playing catch-up.

“I haven’t been uncomfortable,” Brewer said. “I’ve been in the league eight years so you learn on the fly. I’ve been with four different teams, so I kind of understand a lot of systems. I knew I didn’t understand some stuff, but I knew how to fit in and blend in.”

In eight games with the Rockets, Brewer has averaged 12.5 points on 45.5 percent shooting and 43.9 percent 3-point shooting.

“We’re still learning the system because we’ve been here a couple of weeks, but we really haven’t practiced so we’re learning everything on the fly,” Brewer said. “In practice, we start understanding stuff a lot better. Coach puts in new stuff and it’s better for all of us. It’s new to us. He has to add stuff for us. It’s the same stuff they’ve been running all year, but we just got here and have been playing games, basically. By the end of the year, we’ll be where we need to be.”

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