By Ethan Rothstein

While Harden was doing his thing in the half court, Corey Brewer was doing his on the break. The man that Bill Worrell is calling “The Greyhound” — and we need a Hound back in our lives with Game of Thrones debuting during the fourth quarter of tonight’s game — was a terror in transition, using his perfect Eurostep to throw defenders off balance and get to the rim.

There were times when Brewer had the ball and as many as three Pelicans defenders were back. It didn’t matter. He found a lane, sprinted, busted out a Eurostep and got a clean layup. With Brewer and Harden, the Rockets possess two of the more consistent finishers at the rim among all wings in the NBA.

The Rockets turned up the intensity in the second half after a sluggish start, and got a much-needed 121-114 win over a hungry Pelicans squad.

The Rockets remain in sixth place, and if the season ended today, they would play the Clippers in the first round. They are a half-game behind the Spurs, who are in second place. Houston, L.A. and Memphis all have the same record, but the Rockets, of course, have no tiebreakers.

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