By Chris St. Jean

Four days before the holiday, the Rockets acquired Corey Brewer from a bad Minnesota Timberwolves team for a pair of protected second round picks and Troy Daniels. It was essentially nothing of value for a veteran player who had championship experience on both the collegiate (Florida) and NBA (Dallas Mavericks) level.

Brewer has his limitations as a player. He’s not an elite outside shooter, and he looks like a better defender than he actually has been at the NBA level, but he is an invaluable role player for this Rockets team and he does certain things well that they value.

First, Brewer may not be an elite outside shooter, 29 percent from long range in his career in fact. But, the Rockets clearly value volume over efficiency when it comes to three-point shooting. They took and made the most in the NBA by a large margin and yet shot just below 35 percent from deep, just 14th in the NBA according to Basketball-Reference.

And although Brewer has not been effective for the majority of his career, he’s shooting a tidy 40 percent on catch-and-shoot three-pointers in this season’s playoffs, per

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