By Daniel Gotera

“His motor is amazing,” Rockets guard James Harden said.

In 30 games with the team, Brewer is averaging just over 12 points per contest. In fact, his production has increased in nearly all statistical categories since being traded to Houston from Minnesota.

For Brewer, playing for something has definitely made a difference.

“We’re playing to try to win a championship,” Brewer said. “When you play on a bad team, you’re just playing basketball. It’s still the NBA but it’s not the same when you’re not in the playoffs.

“He’s been doing really well, it’s been fun to have him here,” head coach Kevin McHale said. “We’re a better team with him.”

It seems like every time the Rockets are lacking energy, Brewer comes to the rescue. That’s exactly what he did on Saturday against the Raptors with a season high 26 points.

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