By Phil Ervin

The running joke was, and still is, that a high-ranking official put in a call at halftime and demanded Corey Brewer be drug tested April 11, 2014.

By then, the Timberwolves small forward had 26 points — three off his career high for an entire game. Turns out the urine sample Brewer was asked to provide following his astonishing 51-point outburst was part of the league’s random testing program. By all accounts, Brewer came out clean.

That night, Minnesota’s last win of the season, was instantly added to the barrel of bright moments in the history of a mostly mediocre franchise. But Brewer did a lot more than just shock the basketball world in a game that did nothing to help an already lost season.

He did exactly what he was asked and then some when president of basketball operations — and now coach — Flip Saunders signed him last offseason. Now, he gives the most powerful man in the Wolves’ front office an interesting decision to make in his first campaign back on the bench.

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