By Kyle Ratke

Corey Brewer looked up after a fan declared Brewer his favorite player.

Brewer looked a bit stunned and in shock this time. This is something he’s heard quite a few times throughout his career. A lot of people love the former Gator and his smile. Why was this fan any different?

It was because the person telling Brewer this was a World War II veteran and a Purple Heart recipient. His name was Joe Kovar. Really, it was Brewer who was the fan.

“It’s real cool. A veteran like that from World War II. He’s 91 years old and he told me I was his favorite player,” Brewer said during the event. “Wow. I told him ‘thank you for everything you did and I’m glad I’m your favorite player.’ It just means a lot.”

“I told Corey that he was my favorite player. He came over and gave me a big hug and took a nice picture,” Kovar said. “It was kind of a thrill. I like meeting these guys.”

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