By Rui Thomas

Pearl Harbor gets the recognition, but few tragedies were as emotionally and physically traumatizing as the scene at Staples Center on December 11, 2009. In the third quarter between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Los Angeles Lakers, Corey Brewer degraded Derek Fisher’s name and humiliated his family.

With six minutes to go, Pau Gasol had lost the ball on a putback which was picked up by Al Jefferson. The lumbering big found Brewer streaking down the left sideline with only Fisher in his way.

“It was like a 3-on-1, and I just (saw) him back, and I didn’t know what he was going to do,” Brewer told Sports Out West on Saturday. “I thought he was going to beg me to make the pass, but he was going back and forth, and then he just stopped, and my frame of mind was, ‘I think I can go dunk it.’”

“I just jumped higher than I thought I’d jump.”

Brewer soared like a dove and came down on the rim with the force of a Thor sledgehammer. It was apparent at the time that the forward recovered from a right ACL tear in 2008, which he claims feels better now than ever.

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