By Adam Howes

Recently I spoke with the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Corey Brewer. Of course we spoke basketball, among other things we talked parenthood, his acting career, goats and his college teammate’s lack of fear of Mother Nature.

AH: Firstly, I believe congratulations are in order as you’ve just welcomed a new son into the world. I hope baby and Mum are both doing great.

CB: Appreciate it, thank you.

What did you name him?

Sebastian. He’s a healthy, 7 pounds and 8 ounces.

Is he your first child?

My second, I also have a little boy who’s four.

How was your All-Star break, were you able to get some rest?

Yeah it was good. I just stayed here with my son.

After playing with the Nuggets previously, what factored in to your return to the smaller market of Minnesota when you signed on again with the team in 2013?

I felt like it was the best situation for me to come back to the T’Wolves. The core here was great, Kevin Love, Pekovich, Ricky Rubio, so I thought I fit in really good here and when Kevin Martin signed it just made my decision easier.

Now I know you grew up on a farm which you working the land alongside your Dad, driving tractors and what not. Obviously this developed a strong work ethic and value of hard work from an early age. Over the last couple of seasons what areas of your game have you worked on the most to improve?

I worked a lot on my decision making skills. Making better decisions as a basketball player, looking at my game and looking at what I did wrong, working on being a more consistent shooter, taking better shots. I’m not shooting the ball really well like I did last year from three (point range), but I’m making better decisions and my game is getting better.

I believe also that back home in Tennessee you have a pet goat that you’ve owned since you were young?

Yeah I got a goat named Billy. I’ve had him since I was in 6th grade. He an old goat, he’s old, he’s really old.

According to website your nickname is ‘The Drunken Dribbler’. When did that originate and who coined it?

I’ve heard it before but I don’t think it’s my nickname but I guess it’s what simple have called me.

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