By Zach Harper

With the Houston Rockets, Brewer will be given the role he was supposed to have with the Wolves. He’ll be an energy guy off the bench. He’ll be asked to create chaos on the defensive end, and it could actually work this time because of the personnel. When the Rockets play Brewer and Trevor Ariza at the same time, Ariza will almost always get the defensive assignment of the primary perimeter scorer. That allows Brewer the freedom of playing the passing lanes and gambling. Getting burned on this gambles will likely turn into more mid-range jumpers than drives to the rim, as long as Dwight Howard is behind him to defend the paint.

You can use him in spurts as the primary perimeter defender to ease the defensive responsibility by Ariza and it keeps James Harden away from ever needing to defend the top perimeter scorer, except on switches and defensive scrambles. While Harden’s defense has improved this year, you don’t want to give him extra possessions with that responsibility because of overall ability and the fact that you want him to conserve as much energy as possible for the offensive end of the floor.

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