By Kyle Ratke

There are a lot of words and phrases that would be appropriate to use to describe Friday night’s game against the Houston Rockets. Exciting. Thrilling. Historic.

We’ll go with a name.

Corey Brewer.

Brewer tied a franchise-record with 51 points as the Wolves won a 112-110 nail-biter against the Rockets on Friday night at the Target Center.

Brewer was efficient, shooting 19-of-30 from the field. He was sneaky. He had a game-high six steals. He was a one-man machine and if you stepped on a random spot on the floor, chances are he made a shot from that spot. Brewer was finding spots inside, outside, from halfcourt and from the free-throw line. Simply put, it was a “Don’t Blink” moment from the slender slasher.

“Obviously Corey was incredible,” said Wolves coach Rick Adelman. “Unbelievable game. I don’t know where he comes up with the energy he has. He played 45 minutes (44:53) and he’s still going strong at the end.”

“I think Pek and the two Kevins have been holding him back,” Adelman joked. Brewer, believe it or not, led all scorers with 51 points. He also had a game-high six steals.

Leader of the Pack: Corey Brewer What else can we say about Brewer’s night? Most of the time we like to put key stats and numbers in our “Numbers Game” but we’ve got plenty of them so we’ll be generous and donate them to this section.

Brewer’s 19 field goals match the most in franchise history (Garnett, Szczerbiak). Sixteen of his 19 field goals were within three feet of the basket. Tonight was also just the 10th time in club history a player has attempted 30+ field goals.

He was also just the 11th player in franchise history to record a 40 plus point game. It’s a night Brewer will definitely remember for the rest of his life.

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