I had some down time so I thought I would check in. We had a tough game last night.   I am glad we stayed focused and won.  It is amazing to be a part of a team that can stick together a win even against a tough team like OKC.

I have had a pretty relaxing day today.  I worked out this morning at 10:30am.  I ended up watching my three favorite shows Law & Order SVU, Law & Order Criminal Intent and Cold Case.  I threw in The Closer as a bonus.  Gotta love re-runs.  I just had lunch.  Next up, I am going to watch my UF teammate Joakim Noah take on the Heat.  I hope they make it 2-2 tonight.

Tomorrow is game day.  I found out that I have a superstition before playoff games that I didn’t know about.  The manager of Fuzzy Tacos pointed it out to me the other day.  I have eaten 3 crispy special ground beef tacos with sour cream and guacamole before every playoff game we have won.  Check out their locations at fuzzystacoshop.com.    If you go to the Mockingbird and Abrams location, thank the manager for the teams good luck.   I don’t necessarily believe in superstitions but I do plan on eating my lunch at Fuzzy’s tomorrow just in case.

For all of your Florida fans, I just talked to Taurean Green.  He is getting back to the US tomorrow.  He has been playing in Spain.  It was great to catch up.

Thanks to all of the fans in Dallas.   I am looking forward to being back in the American Airlines Arena tomorrow.  Keep following me @coreybrewer13.