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Q: Tim Brown (Columbus)

How does it feel to be a champion on the college and nba level?

Corey: It feels great. I’m just happy to have the opportunity I was in last year to come to Dallas and have the two college titles and the NBA title. It means a lot.

Q: Nick burke (Jensen Beach, FL)

How has your success at florida with playing with such a talented team helped in your nba career?

Corey: I feel like it helped me a lot. I knew how to play with good players, I guess you could say. Everyone in the NBA is a good player. I played at Florida with a lot of good players, so we had to learn to play together and learn to share the ball.

Q: Josh Dorris (Portland, TN)

Off the court, tell everyone what you do for your hometown?

Corey: I do some stuff for diabetes, because both my mom and dad have diabetes. In my hometown, I have some basketball camps. I like to give back. I did some stuff for school supplies this year, so kids that can’t afford school supplies have them. Anything I can do to give back.

Q: Ray (Dallas)

Corey, what have you been doing in the offseason to stay in basketball shape despite the lockout, and what do you feel is your greatest strength on the court?

Corey: I’ve been working out real hard. Shooting a lot. Working on the jumpshot. Lifting. Working on my game. Hopefully, it’s over soon.

Q: Kevin (CT)

Corey, have you been paying attention to ESPN’s player rankings? You’re close to being in top 100….that cool with you?

Corey Brewer: Yeah, it’s a real cool ranking. I just looked at it. I saw the experts that voted on it. To be in the top 100 is cool. I play with the Mavs and coming off the bench, so that’s a good thing with the ranking.

Q: Black Mamba (Hollywood, CA)

Hi Corey, I enjoy your game since Florida back2back titles. How does it feel to have a championship before your college teammates? What do you expect for next season?

Corey: I really don’t think about that. I get asked that question a lot. We’re all the best of friends, so they were all cheering for me. And I would have been cheering for them if they had a chance. It’s not I got one before them. It’s a good thing.

Q: Keith Pearce (Richmond, VA)

You had to like the Gators Elite 8 run last year, what are your thoughts on this year’s squad with all the starters lost from last year’s team?

Corey: I liked it a lot! I thought we had a chance to get to the Final Four last year. We have some good players coming back this year. They’ll have a chance to make a run this year.

Q: Chris Rayhons (Forest City, Iowa)

Do you still keep in touch with other players that were part of the 2006-2007 National Championship teams?

Corey: Of course! We all try to keep in touch a lot. I talk to them as much as I can. We always keep in touch.

Q: Jesse Cook (Portland, TN)

Now that you have won 2 National titles, Final Four M.O.P, and a NBA Championship what’s next for Corey Brewer on your list of accomplishments?

Corey: Hopefully, to win another world championship. There’s nothing like winning a title. To win as many as you can. You can never have enough. Shout out to Portland, Tenn.!

Q: Josh Dorris (Portland Tn)

Corey, How do you fill about not being a starter? Dont you fill like you should start after all your hard work all these years?

Corey: I just love to play the game. It’s not about starting or not starting. As long as you can get some playing tim, that’s what it’s all about. As long as my team is winning. I didn’t get as much playing time as I would have liked last year, but when you’re winning a ring, that’s all you think about.

Q: Lance Schuemann (South Carolina)

How does winnning a NBA championship compare to back-to-back NCAA championships?

Corey: It’s a little different, because it’s a different situation. But they both feel pretty good. It’s hard to compare. Being in school and being with those guys for three years and having back to back titles for the first time in school history and then going to the Mavs and winning their first title. It’s really cool to be a part of both. Really, really good feeling.

Q: Riley (Jacksonville)

How did it feel to dunk on Fisher?

Corey: Oh, man! That’s one of the most asked questions. It felt good. It’s one of those thing that any time you can make a highlight like that, it felt good. I was just trying to dunk the ball, but then it became a highlight.

Q: Clay (Charlotte)

Have you had thoughts about playing overseas?

Corey: Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it. But right now, I’m still optimistic that we’ll have a season and we’ll be back soon. But if not, yeah, I’ll think about going overseas.

Q: Joe (Denver)

Do you pay much attention to the lockout news?

Corey: I pay attention to it. We get our e-mails. We talk to each other. It’s a work in progress. There are a lot of meetings. We just hope to have it done soon. A lot of negotiating right now.

Q: Josh Dorris (Portland tn)

Corey, Being from portland like you its not common to see pros how does it fill to live life like a star?

Corey: It feels good. I love being from Portland, even though it’s a small town. All of the people are good people. I like being from a small town.


Thanks Corey!

Corey: I can’t wait for the season to start, whenever that is. Go Mavs!

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