NBA star guard Corey Brewer held a free basketball clinic Friday morning in his hometown of Portland, Tennessee.

Over 100 kids showed up for the free clinic in the hopes of meeting their hero.

Brewer, a former standout at Portland High School, taught the kids at the camp a lot more than just basketball skills.

“It’s important to work hard in school and make good grades,” Brewer said. “Education is the ticket to success.”

After four hours of going to different workout stations, Brewer and camp goers posed for a group picture then the NBA star told them the importance of working hard and staying out of trouble.

“Make sure you listen to your parents,” Brewer added. “They know what is best for you and they love you.”

After the camp was over Corey signed autographs for about an hour after the camp. “I love coming back to my hometown and doing the camps,” Brewer said. “These are my people and all of the support that everyone gives me is amazing.”

The camp was sponsored by The Farmers Bank and Pharmacy Express.