This season, Minnesota Timberwolves guard Corey Brewer has made a name for himself as a premier guard in the NBA.

For years most experts believed that Brewer was one dimensional, but the third year player from the University of Florida is proving the so called experts wrong.

Brewer has started all 72 games this season for the Timberwolves. Recently Brewer’s string of consecutive made three-pointers came to an end at 33 games against the Los Angeles Lakers.

After season ending knee surgery, Brewer was determinded to turnaround his game and become a better player. From the weight room to the court, he could be seen  everyday working on improving his jump shot.

“It was a long year and not being able to play got me down,” Brewer said. “I got focused and worked with the new coaching staff on my shot and staying balanced.”

So far this season Corey has scored double figures in 50 games. In his previous two seasons, he had only reached that mark 20 times.

Prior to the January 8th game, Brewer had only knocked 23 three-point shots in his career, but that night started the 33 consecutive games streak. Since January 1 he has shot 61 of 152 from behind the arc for a 40.1 percent.

“I was struggling at the beginning of the season, but we continued to work on my balance and I have started to have some success,” Brewer added.

For the season, Brewer is averaging 13.0 points per game which is 7.1 points more than he did a season ago. That number ranks him fourth in the league in that category.

Despite having a great year, Corey knows he can get better and is looking to improve his overall game this off-season.

“I need to get better at handling the basketball and still make some improvements to my shooting,” Brewer said. “I plan on getting back in the weight room and continuing to build my strength.”

Brewer is honored that the Timberwolves have reached out to the leagues national media to garner up votes for the NBA’s Most Improved Player award.

“I appreciate the Timberwolves starting this campaign,” Brewer added. “We had a lot of fun making the video and it looks great.”